The Rest of the Story — With a Beautiful Ending!

Rachel first came to our attention several years ago when she asked us for help with yard work and repairs. Because it was contended that there were poisonous snakes on the property, volunteers had been reluctant to help, but after waiting months on our needs list, a church was finally found to assist her.

There is so much more to the story than yard and repair work that bears sharing, because of the impact on Rachel’s life. In fact, if you have ever wondered what happens to the people helped by the churches through Love in the Name of Christ, here is a “rest of the story” example in the words of the volunteer:

“Three years ago, a team from our congregation responded to a need through Love INC. Rachel had gone through a divorce, and was subsequently defrauded by someone hired to remodel her home. She had only a gutted home, without proper plumbing or kitchen facilities. Rachel had attended church as a young person and walked with the Lord, but it seemed like bitter circumstances in life had left her vulnerable, alone, and far from Him.Read More »