An Amazing Transformation!

Referred by Albemarle Department of Social Services, Greg* first called Love INC asking for some blankets or comforters for his teenage daughters — and, if available, he also needed a washer and dryer.  On a very low income, Greg was only receiving Supplemental Security Income, the type of Social Security assistance often given to those who have never worked.  He had received Rapid Rehousing funding to get him into the rental unit he had found in the county, as well as receiving food stamps and energy assistance.  Sadly, in every way he fit the profile of many Love INC clients, locked into poverty by a crippling disability.

Thankfully, our staff found him a washer and dryer through a Crozet Baptist Church volunteer.  Household items were made available through generous donations given to Love INC, the result of a labor of love by Mr. and Mrs. Falconer.  They had patiently cleaned out a home belonging to a couple, fellow First Christian Church members.Read More »