What a Surprise!

Tajia was a Love INC client from 2008, but she really hadn’t asked for much.  One time she requested help with moving into public housing, but she had not given us sufficient time to find volunteers.  The remainder of the requests on record came during the holiday seasons.  All Points Church had actually requested to work with Tajia and her family the following two holidays after working with them for Christmas and Thanksgiving one year.  At that time, Tajia had just gotten married and was a full-time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College.  The pastor and elders at All Points wanted very much to support Tajia in her efforts, so they maintained contact with her.

After that link was established, we didn’t hear from Tajia for several years.  In fact, the last entry was Easter of 2012, when All Points had brought an Easter basket to Tajia’s daughter.  The pastor continued to keep in touch with the family for a while.

Then one day in 2015 Love INC’s Susan Shellito was working with another agency attempting to find an intern to work in the office for the summer.  She set up an appointment for the case manager to come to the office with a client.  And, oh what a nice surprise it was when the case manager turned out to be the very Tajia that we had worked with in the past!

This resilient young woman had struggled through her poverty and moved on to acquire a good job assisting those who, like herself in previous years, are struggling to rise above their circumstances.

We say a great big thank you to All Points Church, who faithfully ministered to a woman in need.  Those seemingly small efforts helped reap a great harvest, because not only has Tajia been helped in her goals, but now she is assisting many others who struggle as she once did.