God Sent the Church to Her

Ruth, like her namesake in the Bible, devotes herself to the Lord. She had been in a terrible accident and had been pronounced dead in the ambulance, but through God’s miraculous intervention, she was restored to life.  And now, she declares to all who will listen that “Nothing can stop the power of God!”   As well, as a result of her own struggles, she is always ready to help another person.  And that is why Ruth found herself devoted to one of our elderly clients who needed help.

Social Services had asked for someone to assist an elderly, infirm woman having eye surgery.  Her daughter, and only remaining relative, tries to help as much as possible, but she lives in Northern Virginia and works full time.  Nonetheless, Frances’* daughter was scheduled to pick her up from the hospital and take her home where the daughter would stay for a full day.  After that, there was no one, so at this point Love INC entered the picture when the phone call came asking for a volunteer to sit with Frances for a few days following the daughter’s return to her home and job.Read More »