God Sees the Finished Picture

Beth used to call Love INC often. She was always in need of financial assistance or new beds, or she had moved and lost all her furniture — or some other almost impossible request for assistance.  Her files are littered with “referred to CARES” for financial assistance, knowing that they probably would not help again that year.

Beth always had a string of reasons why she was in need.  Her requests began before 1998 when her file was begun in our database.  All 49 of them!  She needed holiday assistance – every holiday!  She needed fans, AC units, school supplies (too late to refer to her school), beds several times because she had been evicted or had to move and was unable to take furniture with her.

Somewhere in this story, something got through to Beth, however.  She began to keep her jobs, get additional education, take her children to church — and she bought a home!

Love INC recently heard from Beth.  As a wonderful surprise to us, she and her children attend a local church.  She owns her own home and works as a nurse in a new healthcare facility.  She had obtained this very good job after her previous employer no longer had a place for her.

At the same time, she was asking for help with her utility bill — but this time the request was not for 4 months of unpaid utilities as in the past.  She was behind only one month.  We discussed the problem, and then she subsequently telephoned back saying that she had worked out the issue with the power company and would be fine –just letting us know!

She thanked Love INC for being there for her all those years when life was such a struggle for her.  We thank the Lord for all the churches and ministries that helped Beth along the way toward self-sufficiency: First UMC, Aldersgate UMC,  City Church, Lake Christian Church, Northridge Community Church of the Nazarene, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, as well as the Schoolhouse Thrift Store, the Belmont Baptist Clothing Closet and the Pregnancy Center.

Some volunteers may have wondered if they did any good at all working with Beth because for many years nothing seemed to change. Her case provides clear evidence that we never know our part in God’s work until we can see the finished picture


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