It Takes a Congregation

Volunteers, friends, and supporters of Love INC gathered at the Double Tree Inn on May 13, a sunny spring evening respite from the rain. It turned out to be a busy weekend for many who would normally attend the Love INC banquet, but God saw that the right 130 people were there.

“Bridging the Gap” was our theme for the evening. We were blessed with a number of heartwarming stories told by some dedicated servants who are active in what we refer to as gap ministries through their local churches—that is, they work in collaboration with Love INC to provide services that are not otherwise available to needy neighbors in our community. Here are a few we highlighted:

  • Loads of Love, Belmont Baptist
  • Diaper Ministry, Olivet Presbyterian Church
  • Personal Care Closet, Connect Church
  • Medical Equipment Ministry
  • Children’s Clothing Closet, Immanuel Lutheran
  • Bunk Bed Ministry, Partner Churches

Fran Storer of Immanual Lutheran told us about three women who have been loved on by their church since opening the children’s clothing closet only a year ago. Even though subset of members run the ministry, they involve their whole church in praying for and serving the families who visit. “Sometimes it just takes a congregation,” she wisely summed up.

“For me, Love INC represents the collective conscience of our Christian community,” she added. “They are an invitation, not only to give but to serve. They open the door and give you the opportunity to touch a life – to know who and how you are helping and to feel the response when you get a hug and hear the words, ‘I can’t believe it. Thank you so much.’”

Fran and the other gap ministry speakers articulated the mission of Love INC from a place of firsthand experience, and they were exactly right.  And now, Love INC is looking for churches to fill a number of other gaps, such as Furniture Delivery teams, Baby Items closet, Food Deliveries and another Diaper Ministry team.

Please contact our Executive Director, Ray Klein, to learn more about how your church can serve.



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